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Product features

1.The reactor adopts computer optimized design which can quickly and accurately design the best ideal electrical performance and structural parameters according to the special requirements of users.

2.The coil is made of high-strength double glass film wire and high-quality insulating material.

3.Reactor coil is vacuum cast with epoxy resin and advanced vacuum casting system equipment to ensure excellent insulation performance and high mechanical strength.

4.The iron core is made of high-quality silicon steel sheets. Ceramic hard alloy tools, vertical and horizontal production line equipment are used to ensure the processing quality of the iron core.

5.The core is made of high-strength glass ribbon and heat-sealed and high-quality epoxy casting process, which is characterized by reducing the noise of the reactor.

6.The product has anti-burning, anti-humidity, environmental protection, no pollution, low loss, low noise, easy installation, good electrical performance and high operational reliability.

Using the environment

Ambient temperature: – 5 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃

The most thermidor average temperature + 30 ℃

The hottest year average temperature 20 ℃ +

Minimum storage temperature: 25 ℃

The altitude does not exceed 1000 m

Installation site should be no serious vibration and turbulence

Air temperature is 25 ℃, relative humidity is not more than 90%

The power supply voltage waveform similar to sine wave

Installation site should be no serious effect on reactor insulating gas, steam, chemical dust and other explosive and erosion media

Reactor ontology and cabinet put oneself in another’s distance, 10 kv 90 mm or more, 6 kv 60 mm or higher

Order is the basic data

When ordering, please put forward the following parameters and technical requirements in writing:

1, the reactor is rated capacity;

2, system of rated voltage and frequency;

3, the voltage of the capacitor;

4, rated reactance rate or reactance;

5, rated current, and maximum continuous current;

6, dynamic and thermal stability of current, and duration;

7, other special requirements

Product parameter

Types of meaning