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KYN28A-12 type indoor AC metal armored central switchgear. It is suitable for three-phase AC rated voltage 12kV, rated frequency 50Hz power system, used to receive and distribute electric energy and control, protect and monitor the circuit.
This product complies with GB3906 “3~35kV AC Metal-enclosed Switchgear”, GB/T11022 “Common Technical Requirements for High-Voltage Switchgear and Control Equipment Standards”, IEC60298 “AC metal-enclosed switchgear and control equipment with a rated voltage of 1kV above 52kV and below” , DL/T404 (Indoor AC High Voltage Switchgear Ordering Technical Conditions” standard requirements.

Model meaning

MODEL:KYN28A-12/□ □

K: Metal enclosed armored type
Y: Removable type (middle-mounted handcart)
N: Indoor use
28A: Design serial number
12: Rated voltage
□: TH-used in humid tropics; TA-used in dry tropics; G-used in high altitude; C-used in frigid zone
□: Code of environmental characteristics:

Conditions of Use

• Ambient temperature: highest temperature +40℃, lowest temperature -15℃ (under special process, it can reach -45℃);
•Environmental humidity: daily average <95%. monthly average is not more than 90%;
• Altitude: below 1000m;
• Earthquake resistance; earthquake intensity does not exceed 8 degrees;
• The surrounding air should not contain corrosive or flammable gas, water vapor and other obvious pollution;
• There is no serious pollution and frequent severe vibration, and the severity design meets the requirements of category 1 under severe conditions;
• When used under the normal environmental conditions specified in GB3906, it is negotiated by the user and the manufacturer.
Note: 1 When the relative humidity is greater than 70%, the electric heater should be switched on. ② Where the altitude exceeds 1000m, it shall be handled in accordance with the regulations of JB/Z102-71.