High Quality Cksc Series Resin Insulation Dry-Type Core Series Reactor - ZT(P)S Series Phase-Shifted Rectifier Transformer – Pengbian

Product overview

Converter transformer for frequency conversion and speed regulation is the power supply part of HV frequency converter, which plays the roles of isolation, phase shift and multiplication. It is one of the core components of HV frequency converter and can be divided into dry type and oil-immersed type according to cooling mode.

The insulation grade of dry type converter transformer for frequency conversion and speed regulation produced by our company is H. New insulation structure and advanced technology are adopted in the structural and electrical design to improve the short-circuit resistance and electrical strength, making more reliable performance. In the design process, the influence of harmonics generated by rectifying elements on transformer windings and iron cores is fully considered. Sufficient margin enables the windings and iron cores to withstand the additional temperature rise generated by harmonics and keep low noise, thus ensuring service life of the transformer.

When designing and manufacturing, the winding temperature rise caused by harmonics is fully considered, thus effectively ensuring service life of the transformer; VPI (Vacuum Pressure) is dipped in paint and cured at high temperature, making good moisture-proof, dust-proof and pollution-proof effects as well as ensuring reliability of the transformer. The selected materials have undergone strict quality inspection, and all raw material manufacturers are strictly examined according to ISO9001. The product has the characteristic of high reliability and is used in large quantities with 6-pulse, 12-pulse, 18-pulse and multi-pulse frequency converters. Special design and manufacturing plan can be customized according to the type of inverter, rectifier and user requirements.

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